• What is Brave New Productions?

    Brave New Productions is a creative endeavor initially conceived by Donald Rees in 2002. Together with Marc Roth, they produced their first play in 2003 and haven't stopped creating since.

    Brave New Productions is classified as a non-professional, independent entertainment organization. Current offerings included stage creations, web videos and ebook publishing.

  • What makes you different?

    A lot of art isn't entertaining. That's fine, but not what we want to do. Our goal is to have fun and make sure our audience has fun by creating original works that never take themselves too seriously.

  • When is your next show?

    Take a look at our NOW PLAYING and NEWS page for information regarding our upcoming schedule.

  • I have an idea...

    Please share it with us! Visit our CONTACT page to submit proposals for stage creations, web videos and e-book publishing. We're accepting original scripts, new ideas and delicious recipes.

  • I'd like to work with Brave New Productions

    We'd like to work with you! We're always looking for talented individuals who'd like to spend some time making some great entertainment with us.

    It's important to remember that due to the size and scale of our current organization, all roles are low to no pay. Of course, this could change in the near future but we'd rather be upfront and honest.

  • I would like to market/sponsor with Brave New Productions

    Please use the CONTACT page and let's start talking.