Callistro The Great

On the island of San Miguelo, life is beginning to unravel...

Callistro The Great marks Brave New Productions' 8th original show. A dark political comedy set in a fictional South American nation during the early 1980s, it's a bold new presentation from author D.M. Bruce and director Emma McQueen.

Alternating between frenzied government talks on the corrupt island, and negotiations with San Miguelo's great "anti-atheistic" neighbour to the north, America, it's the story of Salone (Sean Curley), a government minister tasked by his country's dictator Ignatzio (Stefano Saykaly) with raising a certain sum of cash, and quick... The results are unpredictable and might just start a revolution.


  • Year: 2012
  • Production Manager & Assistant Director: Donald Rees
  • Stage Manager & Assistant Producer: David Reudelhuber
  • Director: Emma McQueen
  • Social Media & Culture Consultant: Orlando López
  • Lighting Design & Technical: Cara De Granpré
  • Set Design: Genia De Marco
  • Graphic Design: Alice Phieu
  • Make-Up Artist: Clarisse Desire



Sean Curley


Baz Dajani


Alexandre Lapointe

Smorza Vornoff

Stefano Saykaly

Ignatzio President

Stephen Rochon


Nir Guzinski

Carlo, 1st Aid

Tony Truax

Luis, 2nd Aid

Donald Rees