Talking Cock

Montréal Fringe 2014

Brave New Comedy brings Richard Herring's internationally praised Talking Cock to Canada for the first time. Directed by Donald Rees and Tracy Allan, the show is man's answer to the Vagina Monologues. Four men share wit and wisdom as they take the audience on a comedic journey into the history and mystery of the human penis. "I loved it - I only wished it could have been longer!" - The Guardian.

Brave New Comedy


  • Year: 2014
  • Written by: Richard Herring
  • Directed by: Donald Rees & Tracy Allan
  • Produced by: Santi Espinosa & Laura Vizbara


Jason Yearow


jason yearow
Santi Espinosa


santiago espinosa
Nir Guzinski


nir guzinski
Sean Curley


sean curley